Monday, September 15, 2014

Four Screening test every Landlord should proceed with before hiring potential Tenants – As suggested by Eric Gonchar

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At times, being a landlord can be a tough call and not easy. You have to undergo several issues and one very crucial one is to aptly cover the screening test of probable clients who have approached you.
Let us discuss about some significant tips suggested by Eric P. Gonchar that you must consider during the screening test of probable tenants:

1.       Salary: The very essential and top question is whether the tenant can afford to pay the house rent. So check through the salary slip of at least the last 6 months to avoid a string of bad lucks from new tenants. 

2.       Check the Credit Report: Being a landlord, you need that security and peace of mind that the tenants whom you have offered space, will be paying you in full and yes on time! By checking through the credit history of prospective clients, you will have an overall idea about how responsible the individual is.  

3.       Have a Criminal Record Checkup: Make sure that you carry on with a complete criminal record search so that not only is your client paying on time, but also if free from legal troubles. Eric P. Gonchar provides you with the best and helpful tips, which would be of great help.

4.       Check references: it would be wise on your part to ask for at least two landlord references, this way you will be free from the histrionics of terrible tenants.

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